Decor Services

Every interior scheme starts with a vision of how the occupants wish to live within the various areas of the home.

Infuze offers two levels of professional decor services;

  • Interior Consulting: here we provide an hourly consulting service to homeowners who want advice on how best to implement their own designs.
  • Interior Designing: we also provide a professional design and planning service for those homeowners who need assistance with their designs and the implementation thereof.

Décor Tip -  It is important to ensure that the individual rooms of the home flow into each other forming a cohesive whole.  The fabrics and furnishings selected add character, interest, texture and contrast to each space while complementing each other creating one identity.

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Decor . Spaces . Create . Design . Homeowner . Living . Relax . Home . Beauty . Easy
Decor . Spaces . Create . Design . Homeowner . Living . Relax . Home . Beauty . Easy